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Yea, pretty cliché title, but it’s true. Chile has been colder than usual this year! The first few days I swear it was -25 in the morning, but I never saw a thermometer to confirm it.

Training has been fantastic so far. La Parva treated us like kings last year and has been doing the same this year. We’ve been training mainly speed so far since a few of us are racing DH and SG here in a few days. After the races we stay here for a couple more days of training, then head over to Portillo to join the rest of the team.

Been trying out POC gear this trip and I’m loving it. Super high quality stuff and I’m stoked to finally be able to use it!

(Don’t worry, the lid will obviously be getting a makeover)

Internet here is beyond brutal so I’ll keep it short. Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer!