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The Indy was a blast, definitely a very cool event to be at! Being there with Alex a few days ahead of time had some perks; I got the chance to go back into the pits, check out the drivers stations, basically an all access pass to the grounds. On top of that Alex had a wicked race and finished third!

The Sprott events were also a lot of fun. I had the chance to go into the offices and meet the whole Private Wealth group which was a great experience.

I booked it back to Calgary for physical testing yesterday. From there I moved onto Phoenix last night to watch the MLB All Star game today in Phoenix. I’ve never been to Phoenix before, and right now it’s 10:30am and 35 Celsius! AC to the rescue.

Alex celebrating after his first podium of the year!

A great result for Alex and his team.

James Hinchcliffe’s Sprott Indy car

Backstage vehicles

Checking out Hinchcliffe’s pit area

Around 80 Ferrari’s in the paddock. NBD


Jan Hudec found the best shirt ever for testing day

Doing my best to be strong in testing