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Been in Calgary for almost two months now and it’s time to get the heck out! Only for a few days though of course.

Heading over to Toronto tomorrow to watch the Toronto Indy! A Sprott sponsored driver named James Hinchcliffe is racing in the Indy series, and there are a few events being held by Sprott before the race day . One of my oldest and best friends, Alex Healy, is racing in the pre-race to the Indy, the Canadian Touring Car (CTC) series, which will make things extra cool. I’ve never seen a car race before so seeing the Indy and Alex will be awesome.

Training has been pretty epic the past few weeks. The volume and weight have been cranked up, as well as trying some new ‘outside the box’ type things, so its been a solid and tiring little block. Had absolutely the hardest workout day of my life yesterday with a morning in the gym and afternoon in the sand. I could literally barely keep myself up when all was said and done!

Alex Healy

Healy’s whip with a sweet new paint job

You can follow Alex on twitter: @AlexHealyRacing