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After three, super intense, full weeks, we had a short week last week so I had the chance to head up to my old teammate and one of my best friends, Travis Dawson’s, cabin in Jaffray, BC. Trav’s family has a beautiful place on a really small lake up there, and its been one of my favourite places to go when I can during the summers in Calgary. I love being on the lake! Temperature’s didn’t really reach anything resembling summer until Sunday but it was an awesome time nonetheless. Erin Mielzynski and Kevin Drury came up as well so we had a good crew up there for some fun ‘boat times’.

And finally, after a looong time wavering I finally cracked and bought a new camera. Used it pretty extensively over the weekend (nearly filled an 8gb memory card!) and am loving it! Some pretty big advances over my last one which is nearly 6 years old. One of the neatest things is the HD video capabilities, and hence the video above.

Awesome sunsets


Loving the lake

Went dirt biking for the first time ever! I want one.

Mari and I

Green waters. Such a cool place.