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After a tough week of training there’s nothing quite like heading out to a lake to relax and regenerate. So on Friday Manny, Mari and I booked it out to Manny’s place in Invermere for the weekend.

Manny has a wicked pad up there, less than 5 minutes from the water, with a wakeboard boat to boot. There’s also tons of golfing up there, so we went out on Saturday morning for my first round of the year. My golfing is never very pretty and this wasn’t a huge exception! I couldn’t keep a drive on the fairway to save my life, but my short game was surprisingly pretty good. And Mari was an excellent caddy (for the most part, haha).

Slept in on Sunday, then got the boat all prepped and went out on the water for a couple of hours. One of the things I miss the most about home is the lakes, so it was nice to get out on the boat and go for a swim, even if the water was pretty damn cold!

Manny taking some practice swings.

Trying to teach me how to swing.

Not sure if it worked… Sweet golf shoes though!

Chilling on the boat with Lup and Robbie.

Sweet shades!