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It’s that time again, Spring Series time. Or at least it was ‘spring’ for one day out here.

The first day of GS at springs was incredible. Blue bird, warm, great snow (for the first run at least). I took the win that day which was fun. The next day it was a little cooler and overcast. I ended up 3rd on the day, but I was ok with that because my old friend Olivier Lacaille won, and he was super psyched on that fact so I was happy for him to have it!

Today was the first slalom race of two. Obviously I haven’t done any slalom all year so the goal was try to be top 10 to help with the penalty because I somehow still have pretty decent points! I managed to make it down both runs but ended up 16th, a half second from the top 10. I think it’s manageable for tomorrow though. Last race of the season!

Its been a loong season and I’m ready for the end. I’m completely exhausted physically and mentally, and each of the last few days has been a bit of a struggle. But Springs are always a fun time and I get to see people I don’t see for most of the year.

Heading out to Dominican Republic on Thursday with Mari for some much needed vacation time. R&R here I come!