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So the Championships didn’t go as well as I had hoped but they were still a lot of fun. We had great weather for the most part and some pretty solid conditions for how warm it was getting during the days.

I finished 3rd in a fog filled Super Combined Super G, but went out in the slalom portion. The way slaloms are set now it’s so tough to ski, especially with zero training!

Very snowy SG/SC (Photo: Cynthia Stewart – PhotoBuddies)


The following day was the GS, of which I have also done very little training. With the lack of training its tough to have the confidence to rip, and that really hurts your time. I ended up 7th on the day which is pretty disappointing. GS is going to become a huge focus for me next year. So although it wasn’t a good season in GS this year, I know with the proper training I can be faster than ever.

GS (Photo: Malcolm Carmichael)


Skipping out on the slalom today, but I will be doing the Provincial Dual later on today at Canada Olympic Park. I love the dual events! So much fun for both spectators and racers, hoping the FIS takes note of that fact!

Last season’s Provincial Dual

Heading back East tomorrow night, then even further East to race at the Spring Series in Stoneham/Le Relais. The final four races before I can call it a season!