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NorAm Finals are well underway here in Whistler with two “GS” races and almost two slalom races in the books.

I say “GS” races because the two days of GS that happened were without a doubt the two most pathetic races I have ever taken part in. The *extremely* soft and slow snow, combined with a hill that is over 50% dead flat/uphill made it so slow I considered pushing across the flats. I didn’t do well at all, so you can read into that however you want, but it was really a disappointing thing to see and ski, and a brutal way to end the NorAm GS races.

One positive of the trip so far has been the epic powder skiing we’ve been having. Managed to get a hold of a pair of fat boys from the Western HEAD rep and have been skiing the best powder of my life!

Purely awesome

Even more awesome

Took yesterday completely off to recover a little bit. Jet lag has been kicking my butt and I haven’t had a break since Kvitfjell started. Taking it mostly pretty easy today too, but will be hitting the gym for an activation lift later this aft. Two Super Gs to go, so hopefully the track has hardened up a little bit!

Almost cured my sushi cravings

Probably a good thing I did because apparently the offerings weren’t very good back at our place