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Sections of ‘brilliance’ followed by major screw ups seemed to be the theme last week in Kvitfjell. Three days in a row I had a good run going before making a major error.

DH #2

After my near-fence experience in the first DH, I had another competitive run going in the 2nd race before my inside ski hooked up in a key double, causing me to nearly go out again. Talk about frustrating! The Super G was also going well until about 3/4 of the way down where I made a tactical mistake in a tricky section then never really got back to good skiing for the rest of the way down.

Bicycle Jump

Although its incredibly annoying to have not put down one clean run, I’m really pumped that I at least had those half runs where I skied like I do in training and had some fast splits. The speed is there, just need to harness it for a full run! Learned a lot through the week and I’m pumped to come back to Kvitfjell next year. I really like the track, tons of fun!

View from the start

After the Super G yesterday we got changed in the finish area and booked it straight to Oslo. Flew into London this morning, and will be taking off for Vancouver in about an hour. NorAm Finals are starting tomorrow in Whistler. A 10 hour time change isn’t exactly the ideal prep for an important series but this is my life! And who knows, with the amount of snow thats been falling in Whistler, and is expected to keep falling, we’ll see how much racing happens.. Classic Whistler!