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Arrived in Norway yesterday afternoon after an incredible week in Turrach, Austria. Erik, Jan, Ben, Kelby, and I spent four days training Super G and GS there to ramp up for this week’s races in Kvitfjell.

We couldn’t have asked for much better in a mini training camp. The conditions were great, we had the hill basically to ourselves, and the accommodations and food were excellent. With four runs of 1:10 Super G, and 2-3 runs of 1:05 GS each day, it was a super productive little camp. 5am wakeups and 6:30am first runs every day take a lot out of you though! I made some small but important technical gains through the week in Super G, and made some huge improvements to my GS which I haven’t been skiing a lot of recently.

Another kinda cool thing was that the training run was always in the shade (other than the first three gates) which mimics the kind of light conditions you often get on World Cup tracks.

Today was an off/dryland day in Kvitfjell, and tomorrow we’ll head up for a few runs of Super G training. First DH training run on Wednesday!


Super G and GS from Turrach



Johno letting us know what’s up

Game face?

Serge (coach/timing maestro) and Julie (physio) at the top

No more green helmet 🙁

Kebly is really tall