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After completing the most successful week of my season (so far) in Aspen I spent the last week at home, Mont Ste Marie and Camp Fortune.

Before I begin I want to say a huge thank you to the Nancy Greeners at MSM. They made me this awesome card for winning the US Nationals and gave it to me at Camp Fortune last weekend. Really really cool, thanks guys and gals!

The morning after I arrived at home I went up to Fortune to watch and forerun the K1 GS race there that Becca was in. She ended up winning the race which was awesome!

The day’s champ, with some pretty wicked shades

The Cook ladies and I

Zac Reynolds in the top 5! Way to go buddy

MSM podiumers. Gangster photo (or something)

After the race I spent a few days at home, then headed up to MSM with Mari and Becca for some training. Well, training for them, coaching for me. I spent the two days coaching Becca and some other young MSMers which was a nice change from the crazy pace the rest of the season has had so far.

I then spent the weekend watching the FIS races at Camp Fortune that Mari was in. Things didn’t go super well for her (2 DNFs) but you can’t expect all that much when you rarely ever train slalom, I would know!

Mari and I at Fortune

As for now, I’m in the Ottawa airport getting ready to fly to Munich. From there I’ll head to Austria for a few days of training before moving on to Norway for the World Cup speed races in Kvitfjell.