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What a couple of days! Coming off of yesterday’s NorAm win I was psyched and ready to go for today’s U.S. National Championship race. High winds forced the organizers to move the start down to the Super G start, which shortened the course by close to 30 seconds. Then the start was delayed by 45 minutes with most of the top guys stuck at the start while course work was being done on a super rough gate on the pitch.

But when things finally got under way they couldn’t have gone much better for me. As I was in the gate with 25 seconds to go before I started, our start coach franticly pulled me back out of the gate yelling that I had the wrong bib. Turns out Kelby and I had been given the wrong bibs and he was 5 and I was 6, instead of vice versa. We ended up sorting it out but had JF not noticed and pulled me back, this could be a very different posting!!

I skied the pitch the best I have all week, made a mistake in the middle section, then ripped the bottom like I’ve been doing all week, and walked away with the win.. by 2/100s of a second! Talk about a close race, from 1st to 3rd was a difference of 0.03 seconds. What a ridiculous sport!

National Champ!

I also have the honour of winning the Roche Cup, an award that has been presented for the past 65 years. Past winners include: Peter Mueller, Todd Brooker, Brian Stemmle, Marc Girardelli, Carey Mullen, Pirmen Zubriggen, Stephan Eberharter, and Ivica Kostelic. Some pretty incredible skiing history on that trophy!

The Roche Cup up close