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After placing 2nd in the first downhill training run, and winning the second training run by .7 here in Aspen, I ran into a little obstacle called Mother Nature in the first race yesterday. The wind was blowing up, down and around, and the clouds were moving in and out, making the light very unpredictable. Unfortunately for me I got the worst of both worlds; uphill wind and flat light. I skied what I thought would be a top 3 run, but ended up well back.

Typical day in ‘a little place called Aspen’

Today however was a typical Aspen day (blue bird, warm) and things went a whole lot better for me. I ended up taking my first NorAm downhill win, and actually my first DH podium of any kind in any race series! I’m not exactly the best glider yet  (working on it!) so I wasn’t the fastest on the top flat section, but ripped the bottom and carried a ton of speed off the main pitch onto the bottom flats/rolly section at the bottom.

Beezy (Tommy Beisemeyer) and I on the ‘podium’

Feels great to have a win after such a frustrating last month of racing, and especially good to get some redemption for MN dumping on me yesterday! Another downhill tomorrow, of the U.S. National Championship variety.