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I was all over the place for the last week and a half that I was in Europe and didn’t have the energy or motivation to blog anything, but now that I’m home for a couple days it’s slowly coming back..

Typical Europe pack job

The last week in Europe was mostly spent training; two days of GS in Kirchberg, two days in Flachau, Austria. Flachau is a wicked hill that used to have a men’s WC GS (they now have a women’s WC SL). I raced in my first World Junior Championships in Flachau in 2006 and it’s a very cool area with a huge passion for skiing. We spent two days there training Super G to prepare for the World Cup in Hinsterstoder, Austria that coming weekend. It was the first time I had trained in a few weeks so it was good to get back to it, and I felt like I was making some progress and getting somewhere.

But that didn’t seem to help in Hinterstoder on the steepest, longest, and turniest Super G I’ve ever seen. I never got into the rhythm and felt super awkward the whole way down before getting wide and skiing out. Not a great day to say the least.

Main pitch at Hinterstoder. Notice the offset!

After the race I drove to Munich with Skube (my serviceman) to hop on a flight home the next day. I’ve been home for a total of 36 hoursnow, most of which have been spent recovering. Although due to jet lag I’ve been up between 4 and 5am both days so I decided to go play hockey this morning instead of lie in bed doing nothing! I’m finding that hockey is a great way to clear my head when I’m frustrated, and obviously gets the blood flowing again after a long day of flying.

Can’t get too comfortable at home though! I fly out on Thursday morning to Aspen to do the NorAm speed series there.