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The Hahnenkam! Okay so it wasn’t the downhill but still. I had the opportunity to race the Super G at Kitzbuhel today. The most famous and storied track on the World Cup circuit.

After a good inspection, some talks with our different coaches about what is key to success on the track, and a good warmup I was set to go 45th. I went out of the gate, and boom made a massive mistake on the 4th gate, which was set completely blind, over a big knoll. 15-20 racers went out on the gate or the one after, and I probably should have too but I made the next gate and kept going. After that I was pretty solid through the next flat/pitch/flat section, then a really soft turn (skiing soft, not soft snow) coming into the sidehill cost me some more time. The sidehill went pretty well (especially considering it was my first time skiing it), and down the final pitch wasn’t too bad either other than going wide over the 3rd to last gate. Definitely a piss off, but something to work from.

It’s been a fairly frustrating season so far, and this race was no exception. I’ve been skiing well all year in training and have been pretty fast, but on race days things haven’t been coming together at all.  On the positive side I am learning a lot from being around the World Cup and I’m going to use that for the rest of this European swing, and for the rest of the season. I’m tired of making mistakes and not skiing the way I can.. Time to go fast!

Super G

Sidehill exit jump


View of the sidehill

119km/h SG turns down the final pitch.