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My week at Wengen has come to a close and it was one of the most challenging weeks I’ve had in my career, both mentally and physically.

After crashing in the first training run, I went into the second training run with the completely wrong mindset and had a brutal, tentative run. I’d never had a real DH crash before, and it definitely messed with my head. I lost all of my confidence to attack and because of that wasn’t able to ski the way you need to in tough DH. After the second training run I went to see the team sports psychologist (Derek Robinson) and had a really good talk with him about how I was going to get over the hurdle that was in front of me. Generally I’m a pretty level-headed guy and don’t get rattled too easily.. So after talking with him, we came up with a game plan, ran it by our head coach (Johno McBride) who was on board, and I was mentally back on track.

Super Combined race day came and I still didn’t perform as I should have, but at least I went in with the right mindset and was ready to gun it. And after all was said and done in the slalom I ended up a distant 28th, but managed to score my first WC points. So all in all not a waste of a day!

As I said it was a tough week, but looking back I’m happy with the way I handled it and was able to get myself out of the mental rut I was in. Not to mention that it was great experience on an incredibly cool DH track, in a very beautiful place.

For now I’m back at home base in Kirchberg. Woke up this morning to go train some SG on the back side of Kitzbuhel. Really glad I went because the conditions were tough and the course was fast which made for some wicked training! I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow with the WC squad, then racing a FIS GS in Kirchberg on Wednesday.

Not sure what jump this is… Somewhere in Wengen.

Watched the DH race on Sunday from a normal person’s perspective. Pretty damn cool. 35,000 fans scrambled across the mountain..

And in the finish area. Always nice to be in places where ski racing is appreciated!