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Downhill training was cancelled today (last night really) because of heavy rain all night and into this morning. Slalom training was also canned for the same reasons, so, day off!

Here we go with my Wengen ‘Lauberhorn’ Downhill walkthrough. Wengen is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, with huge mountains surrounding it on all sides. It’s got most of the main/notable components of the track, but it’s hard to get it all because the thing is 4km long!! (Click images for larger resolution)

After a straight shot from the start, a big left footer, and a small bump, you approach the first jump. The ‘Russisprung’ jump sends you about 25-30 meters with a pretty nice landing. This kind of scenery makes the first 45 seconds of the course really neat.

Land off the ‘Russisprung’ and you come thorough the ‘Traversenschuss’, which is probably the longest turn I’ve ever seen in a course before.

‘Traversenschuss’ brings you to this monster of a turn. Not sure what its called but it’s more than 180° and slows you right down.

Same turn but closer view. This is right about where the Super Combined DH starts.

Good thing you get slowed down in the turn before because then you enter the famous ‘Hundschopf’ jump.

View from the take off of the ‘Hundschopf’. Thread the needle through the 2-3 meter gap between rocks on your left and net on your right. Very, very cool.

Landing of the ‘Hundschopf’. Super steep!

Next you have the ‘Minschkante’ bump/full on jump this year (which is what I launched off) and ‘Canadian Corner’ (where I crashed). This shot really doesn’t do the amount of terrain and size of the bump (middle left) justice.

After those you come to the narrowest point on any World Cup DH on the circuit: the ‘Alpweg’. No more than 4-5 meters wide and you are trucking coming though here!

The ‘Alpweg’ ends with a wall of willy bags and leads you through the Kernen-S. Arc two GS radius turns on 215cm skis (if you want to win) and try to avoid the A-net on the left and willy bags at the end.

Another famous spot Wengen is known for is the railway crossing ‘Wasserstation’. Going 110km/h+ under a tunnel is a pretty unique and bizarre feeling let me tell you!

Unfortunately I’m missing pictures of the Super G section (which usually isn’t televised either).

The ‘Hannegschuss’ is a straight shot down a massive pitch where speeds reach 140km/h and up! Fastest point on the WC DH circuit. This is the entrance to the pitch, the straight shot starts right around where the guy is slipping down.

Then after two huge high speed turns you get to the ‘Silberhornsprung’ jump. The jump is on a big left footed turn and always has a camera planted in the jump looking down the hill for a pretty cool angle on TV.

And finally after 2m 20s of work, when your legs are absolutely fried you get to the ‘Ziel-S’. Two massively turny Super G turns with a big compression in the middle, just for good measure. More commonly known as ‘Stump Valley’ for the amount of people who ‘stump out’ or collapse through these turns!

Definitely the most challenging DH track I’ve skied in my young career. There are so many things you just don’t see in other courses and experience plays a huge factor. Tomorrow I’ll be racing the Super Combined, a little bit of a shorter track but still has all the unique parts that make Wengen the famous track that it is.