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Arrived in Wengen late yesterday afternoon and right from the get go I knew this would be a unique place. The only way to get up to the actual village is to unload all of your gear onto a train and ride up. No gas powered cars allowed up in the village!

Had the chance to go up for a bit of free skiing this morning, which was cool, but would have been a lot cooler if the whole valley hadn’t been drenched in a thick fog. Even though I literally couldn’t see any of it, this has to be one of the biggest ski areas I’ve been to. Managed to go up 5 chairlifts before ending up at the very top of one of the mountains (there are many), and one more after that to reach the start of the Lauberhorn downhill. Luckily that isn’t the daily trek up to the start, we just missed the train that takes you all the way to the top so we decided to take the scenic route.

Snow was super soft today because it’s been very warm lately, but it’s supposed to cool down starting tonight for the rest of the week, so the track will hopefully firm up nicely. Weather isn’t expected to be too great for the next few days, but we’re staying positive.

Then in the afternoon we played a game of hockey with a bunch of us Canadians along with some Americans (Bode!), Czechs and Russians. Awesome little outdoor rink they have here! So that got the legs moving again after two days of travel and I’m ready to see how my tree trunks (more commonly referred to as chicken legs) can handle this 2:30 beast of a downhill!

The train, as viewed from my balcony. Ridiculous mountains in the background.

Wild orange bubble chair to the summit, had just broken though the clouds.

Finally over top of the clouds!

Start of the Lauberhorn as viewed from across the valley. The start building is the furthest left.