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So the Garceau NorAm races didn’t go at all as I was expecting or hoping. It was a very disappointing couple of days, but there was some good in the mix. The first race I made a couple of technical mistakes that took me out of contention. On a hill like Garceau it’s all or nothing, and any little mistake is magnified by how easy the slope is. The second day I was tearing the course up then made a tactical mistake over the last knoll in the course and missed a gate. Super frustrating, but the skiing up until I went out was awesome.

I’m very surprised that Garceau was granted a NorAm GS race series. The hill is unbelievably flat on the top and bottom, with only about 10 gates on a pitch in between. The race hill there is more suitable to a K1 or K2 level course, and if the NorAms are supposed to be the counterpart to the Europa Cups, and a stepping stone to the World Cup, this kind of course is not going to prepare anybody for those.

That being said I know how hard the race organizers worked on the track to prepare it for us, and the snow preparation and organization were fantastic with everything running smoothly and on time, so a big thanks to them. We even had fans, which is extremely rare to get at a NorAm. There were a ton of young skiers there watching the race and asking for autographs from the racers which was really cool to see!

Immediately after the races were over we booked it to Montreal for the night, then flew over to Munich the following afternoon. I arrived this morning, waited around the airport most of the day as cars and bags were being organized, then drove to our ‘home’ in Kirchberg, Austria. I’m spending the night here, then driving 6-7 hours to Wengen, Switzerland tomorrow for the World Cup races there this coming week!