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Christmas break has officially begun for me! But before that could happen I took part in the Super Series Races in Quebec. I DNFed the slalom, then placed 3rd, and 5th in the GS’s. To be honest my heart wasn’t truly in the races as I was really looking towards the break, but I still managed to win the Kandahar Cup for a second straight year. The Cup is the longest running race in North America (first contested in 1928), and is presented by the Red Birds Ski Club (which is the second oldest ski club in North America) based on combined race points for the two GS races in Tremblant. It’s pretty cool to have my name on a piece of history like that.

I’m taking full advantage of the break for the next few days with no skiing until after Christmas Day. There will be some hockey played however! After that I’ll be helping to coach some young Mont Ste Marie’ers for a few days. Should be just what I need to recharge mentally and physically before the NorAms in Quebec at the beginning of January.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Kandahar Cup

My own mini Cup, presented to me by a few Red Birds members.