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What a crazy wild trip it’s been. After the Lake Louise NorAm downhills, and the cancellation of the Super G, we moved on over to Panorama, BC for some more NorAms.

The deal that was made with the World Cup coaches was that whoever podiumed in Lake Louise would go to Europe for Val Gardena. I ended up winning a training run, being 3rd in the other, 4th in the first race and 5th in the second. 11 hundredths from the podium both days. Kinda sucked but that was the deal so off to Pano I went.

Panorama Super G

Pano has gone okay so far, but not great. In the first Super G I fell inside near the top, but still managed to rip the bottom and end up 4th. Bizarre. Yesterday I finally landed myself on the podium in 3rd, 17 hundredths from the top step. It felt good to finally be on the podium where I belong, but I’m here to win!

Since the Lake Louise World Cup training runs started (November 24) I have had 1.5 days off (today makes 2.5).. Needless to say I’m more than exhausted and have been struggling to find every ounce of energy I can to be competitive. I’m mentally and physically spent, so racing has been especially tough for the past week and a half. I’m skiing really well technically, but I’m definitely missing that little extra gear due to fatigue. The only good thing about it is that I’ve been top 5 every day, and if I can do that on exhausted legs I know I can be much faster when I’m fresh!

GS it tomorrow, live timing here:


Video of the first Panorama Super G. Only section that’s missing is the section where I fell.