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Is all it took to bump me back to 4th place in today’s NorAm Downhill race in Lake Louise.

I had a little bobble at the bottom of the gunbarrel pitch and went from being 2nd, 3 hunnies back, to being 4th at the bottom, a little over 6 tenths back.

It’s seriously frustrating, but I had one of those runs that you always hear Bode talk about. One of those runs where you lay it all on the line and push the limits of what you’re capable of. I went out of the gate with everything I had and absolutely let it rip all the way down. I’ve never had a run where I’ve felt that solid while pushing the line and holding my tuck so much. It was a great feeling…

So all in all not a wasted day but I’m pissed about the result and am going to be gunning for the top spot tomorrow!