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(Thats’s Lake Louise WC’s for those who didn’t get it!) So it wasn’t the weekend I (or any of the Canadians raced, excluding Jan) was hoping for but it was fun nonetheless. I had some great downhill training runs (41st and 32nd) from mid-70 starting positions, so I was hoping and somewhat expecting to do well on Saturday. But it was not meant to be as I had my best first half of the course, then nearly bought the farm through the fishnet turn into gunbarrel (longest, steepest pitch on the course). Somehow I managed to pull it back and make all the gates, but my competition was essentially over. Just one of those mistakes that you can’t predict and happens too fast to even know how it started. Video of that to come soon!

It was somewhat of a similar story in today’s Super G. I had a pretty good first half of the course, then made a few tactical mistakes that cost me a lot of time.

As much as it sucks and I’m pretty bummed about the whole thing, I’m super psyched on the DH training results. I’ve been skiing some awesome Super G in training and know I can be competitive, I just need to make it happen on race day!

Right now I’m in the Calgary airport heading out to Aspen to race the NorAm GS tomorrow. The day after that I’ll be doing the Beaver Creek WC DH training run. Busy schedule! Really looking forward to/needing a day off soon..

Over and out!

DH Training

Happy to be alive after a close call. Awesome new Mountie suit…. Haha