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So we’ve had one training run so far and had today’s cancelled on us due to high winds. The track is super icy because it’s been injected, which makes some parts pretty tricky. But for the most part it just makes things more fair for guys starting in the back like me!

The first training run went pretty decently for me. I skied solidly and didn’t make any huge mistakes, but can definitely tighten up the line and be on it a little more in some places. I finished up 41st, starting 74, and had the 10th fastest bottom split. Definitely a place I can work from and I’m hoping we get another run in tomorrow to get things a little more dialed!

Beautiful Lake Louise

Start pitch. Narrow and steep.

Dixie (Robbie Dixon) and Cuche inspecting.

Lup is excited about hockey!

One of the first things we did after arriving in Lake Louise was head down to the rink to play.