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The snow continues to improve on the speed track here at Nakiska. We’re coming to the end of pre-season, with just one more day of training left to go before a couple days off in preparation for the first training run at Lake Louise on Wednesday. Most days I’ve been doing double sessions, usually with speed first thing in the morning, and GS after. That makes for some pretty long days and I’m starting to feel the effects! Things have been going pretty well for me out here though. I feel good on my skis, and things are in a good place both technically and tactically. And training with the likes of Aksel, Kjetil Jansrud and Andrej Jerman, not to mention our veteran Cowboys, has been pretty awesome!

As I said tomorrow is our last day of training (SG), so I’ll get another video of some SG/DH going after that so check back soon.

Excessive snowgun use can turn a beauty day like this…

Into a miserable, training halting, foggy day like this.

Aksel pushing out into the man-made fog wall for a free run, while we decided to wait it out to see if the viz would improve

Jeff and I freezing on the way up. -27 C. Least fun part of the day!

Schneppfi (Erik’s serviceman), Erik, Ben, and Lup

DH/SG track