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What a change a few days can make! The weather has done a complete 180 and gone from sunny and comfortable to blizzard-like and freezing in the span of three days. We ended up having to miss one day of training because there was too much snow. Definitely a first ever for Nakiska, seeing as it literally almost never snows here, and 72cm have fallen in the past two days!

But we’re making the best of it and have managed to get two days of pretty decent training in some pretty heavy fog and far from optimal conditions. We trained GS this morning with the Aksel, Kjetil, and a few other Norwegians. We had to go in after each run to warm up and put our coats back on.. It was that cold!

Tomorrow we’ll be training DH with the big boys who have returned after a week training in Vail, CO. Stoked to get some wind in my face and run the skis before training runs start in less than a week at Lake Louise!

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this!

Lup and I on the Gold chair, slightly cold.

That’s the Nakiska I know… Really cold.

Gotta get a proper warm up in.

New Team jackets. Just in time for the coldest day!

Rear of the jacket. Retro, I like it!

On the ‘snow day’ a few of us went out to play soccer in a foot of the fluffy stuff. ‘Team grey sweatpants’ came from behind in the first half to take it 13-10!