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The last four days at Nakiska have been surprisingly good. Surprising because the extreme lack of snow isn’t affecting training, and also surprising because the weather has been uncharacteristically nice for Nakiska pre season. I really hope that didn’t jinx anything, especially the weather, because it can get nasty up here!

The snow conditions have been fairly good so far and is only going to get better. The first run or two each day has been a little peely, but once you get down a little its nice and hard. I’m skiing pretty decently and putting some quick times in there against some WC guys which is good. Just need to get my hips forward more consistently on the steeps, which, as always, seems to be easier said than done!

My back got super whacked out of alignment on Saturday and was incredibly painful, but luckily we had a day off Sunday. After a bunch of physio and some corrective exercises it feels a lot better now so I should be good to go for some Super G tomorrow.