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I’ve been in Tignes for the past week now and what a week it’s been. I started the week with the rookie maneuver of checking in all of my boots on the flight over. It’s the one time I do it and of course it’s the one time the boot bag doesn’t make it! So I had to ski with Louis-Pierre’s boots for the first day which was fairly painful and weird. On top of that our cargo (all the Young Bucks skis and poles) from Chile somehow didn’t make it to Europe in the full month it had to do so. So the first few days were interesting to say the least.

After our stuff finally arrived there were no more excuses and it was down to business. The conditions on the Tignes glacier have been awesome: rock hard, icy, bumpy, and blue bird sun every day except yesterday. World Cup race conditions, which is exactly what I need!

So far I’ve done 4 GS sessions, 2 DH sessions and a SG session. I’ve been having some really great sections but struggling a little bit with consistency. Things are improving though and I’m learning a lot and getting some wicked experience on tough tracks with really tough conditions. The next few days are all GS days, leading into the Solden time trial on the 20th!

This is a little vid of the training so far, and below are a few shots that my technician, Marko Skube, took during one of the DH sessions.
UPDATE: Put up a bunch more photos in an album here.


P.S. It seems I am the official team techno wizard.. I wonder why..