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RumbaTime is a really cool company that I partnered with a few months ago, and it was made official about a week ago. The company was started by three friends, Drew Deters, Joe Anto, and Jay Hartington, who love watches and wanted to create something “fun, affordable and with a personality”. I think they’ve definitely succeeded and made a really neat line of products (with a few more cool ones rolling out soon).

I was the first RumbTime Team member to be introduced last week. You can check out the post on their blog. Since then they’ve introduced two more Team members with more to come!

You can check out the RumbaTime website here, their Facebook page here, and their Twitter page here. They have giveaways almost daily on their Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to check them out if you want a chance at a free watch!

If you’re looking to buy RumbaTime products in Canada they have a list of retailers on their website here. If you don’t see a store near you, shoot an email to and they will set you up.