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Ottawa, ON

NOTE: Everything should now be displaying properly in Internet Explorer. If you’re still having problems, please send me a note. (I still recommend getting a better browser though!)


A combination of sketchy Chilean internet and a hard drive failure mid trip caused my old site to go down, and stay down for almost a month. But now with the extensive help and expertise of my old coach Tyler Brown, we have things back up and running better than ever.

The new site is immensely easier for me to update and maintain, and allows me to post from multiple devices quickly and easily, almost anywhere I am in the world. It also displays a lot more relevant information in a much cleaner way, which was the biggest goal.

Another neat thing is that you can now subscribe to my posts. So if you don’t use RSS and don’t want to check the site, simply put your email in the box on any page and subscribe. New posts will be sent directly to your inbox. However if you do use RSS, the feed has now changed and is now: (or click the RSS icon in the sidebar).

As for the blog, I’ll just keep doing my thing, writing about my experiences around the World Cup tour, NorAms, Europa Cups, local circuits and anything else I find interesting about the ski world. Keep your eyes peeled for a bunch more course “walk-throughs” this season!

I hope you enjoy the new site!

Aaaand just for fun here’s a sneak peak of my newly finished 2010/11 lid!