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» Queenstown, NZ

Time flies when you’re having fun! Tomorrow is the last day on snow of a very successful camp. I’ve learned a ton this camp and I think things are heading in the right direction with my skiing. Still a lot of work to do, but a good start. Having a whole bunch of (new to me) coaches around throws a lot of new perspectives at you, which I think is really good. I’m working on some things that I’ve never tried before, and although things don’t always click or stick right away, I think it’s going to help tremendously in the long run.

Skiing with some of the top skiers in the world doesn’t hurt either.. Robbie Dixon has been skiing insane GS this camp. Watch out for him this year on the circuit, he is going to tear it up! And training Super G with the likes of Erik (Guay), Manny (Osbourne-P), Jan (Hudec) and Robbie has it’s advantages.

Tomorrow we have what we call the ‘Candy Bar Cup’. I guess it should be called the ‘Chocolate Bar Cup’, but our head coach is American… Anyways we’re grouped into teams of 4 racers (3 teams). We each take 4-6 runs, and the fastest 4 from each team member (so 16 runs per team) is added up to determine the winner. Everyone on the team gets into it because each team also has a handful of the coaches/staff as a support group. Heckling, betting, tactics and antics are to be expected! Theres nothing on the line other than pride and bragging rights for the rest of the year, which is huge of course! My team consists of Manny, Trevor White and Ben Thomsen. Should be fun!

Matt Price, our conditioning coach has started GPS tracking our courses and uploading them to Google Maps. It’s pretty neat, and when you switch to satellite view, you can actually see almost exactly what we are skiing (down to a few meters of satellite error). Check it out here. (Be sure to click satellite in the top right)

Beautiful morning at Cardrona


Kelby, Nella, Louis, Trevor, Ryan, and Trav watching the NZ Freeski Championships

These guys were good! (60 foot tabletop)


Mmmm.. tasty

New Zealand countryside