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» Queenstown, NZ

A few weeks ago Carolyn Waldo from CTV Ottawa (and double Olympic Gold Medallist) came by the ACC while the team was training to interview me about the summer and what our team had been doing to prepare for the upcoming World Cup season. The article aired last night but being in New Zealand I didn’t find out until after it had played. However I have the link for the interview on the CTV video player (thanks Stu Moxley!). As I’m writing this it is the first video on the list, but I’m not sure how long it will stay up for.

Check it out here:

On another note the first race of the season was today. Being our 8th day on snow it was more of a race simulation training day for us, but of course we still all wanted to win. I drew bib 1 which turned out to be unlucky because the snow was complete sugar for the first run. I was having a great run but fell on my inside a few gates before the flats and managed to make it all the way down. The snow was significantly better for the second run and I had a pretty decent run, ending up 3rd on the run and 6th overall, only 1.2 seconds behind Robbie Dixon, who won. All things considered it was a good day. I didn’t fall back into old habits (which was the goal of the race sim) and skied like I have been in training. And even with the fall I wasn’t that far behind, which is encouraging.

Moving over to another mountain called Cardrona for the next few days where our focus will shift to Super G. Super psyched to get back on the long boards and feel the wind on my face!