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» Queenstown, NZ

Camp is going well so far. We’re starting things slowly, which is very different from the past few years. The past three days have been solely freeskiing in small groups with one coach. I’ve been paired with Jan and Erik so far which has been pretty cool. Skiing around at this point in the year with two of the top skiers in the world and knowing they’re at the same stage I am is neat. My new equipment feels good so far, boots especially, so I’m stoked about that! Tomorrow we’re heading into some modified GS gates on slalom skis. I’m looking forward to getting back into some gates even if it is on slalom skis! 😉

The 16 hour time change from home is making for some interesting sleep patterns. I go to bed around 9 every night (highly unusual for me!) and sleep the whole night to get woken up by my alarm at 7. I could get used to this!

Bottom of the main lift. Training runs are farther to the right.

View from the parking lot. Queenstown is just out of view behind the clouds towards the upper left of the picture.