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» Queenstown, NZ

I’ve travelled quite a bit in my life so far and taken a lot of plane rides, but nothing compares to yesterday’s (or was it today? I’m not sure when I left anymore) Ottawa to Queenstown, New Zealand treck. 5 hours to Vancouver, a 5 hour layover there, 13 hours to Auckland, NZ, and finally 1.5 hours to Queenstown. I lost track of what day and time it was pretty early into the journey, but now it’s 5:30pm and I’ve been up since around 2 this morning. I’m not bogging down with tiredness though, so I hope I will avoid the worst of jet lag.

My first impression of the country is that it is simply beautiful. Flying from Auckland to Queenstown showcased the surreal terrain and snow capped mountains. As I wrote that sentence I turned around and saw this sunset.



Of course the photographer in me ran to my room and grabbed my camera to get some shots!

Needless to say I’m pretty excited for my first camp with all the World Cup guys. Sharing a condo with Jan Hudec, Robbie Dixon, and Louis-P Helie should make for a good camp! Tomorrow is our first day on snow. Can’t wait to get back on the white stuff and try out my new equipment.

Also put up some new photos on the Recent page

Some new skis

Crazy tree formations. Seems to be the norm around here

Our condo overlooks a golf course, with several ponds in front