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» Ottawa, ON

The week I’ve been waiting for since I found out about it 2 months ago has finally come and gone. And boy, what a week it was. Each day went like this:

8am – Arrive at rink, 30 minutes of agility/warm up
9am – 10am – On ice skating & passing drills
10am – 11am – Scrimmage (White vs Red)
11am – 2pm – Eat & rest
2pm – 4:30pm – Gym workout

Needless to say it was an insanely tough week. Without a doubt the most difficult week of training I have ever done. But it was so much fun to get up every morning, lace up the skates and play hockey for two hours.

Check out a bunch more photos from the week here (I’m #32)

Videos to come soon! Videos now at the above link.

First morning. Lining up for skating drills

Followed by passing drills

And more skating drills!

One of the coolest aspects of the camp was that it was run by Felix Potvin, who played in the NHL for the Leafs while I lived in Toronto. It was super neat to meet my childhood hero and even play with him for a whole week. (Little known fact about me: I wanted to be a hockey goalie when I was growing up)

The Red team took the first two games with scores of 8-4 and 6-3. Being on the White team this was unacceptable! So we changed out game plan and evened the series, winning the next two games. Going into the final and deciding game tensions were high! But we managed to pull out of a 2-0 deficit after the first period and came back to win 5-4. I even scored the series winning goal a few minutes into the 3rd period!

The week really rekindled my love for hockey, which I haven’t played in several years, but am now playing several times a week. It’s great training and a ton of fun so why not?!