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» Ottawa, ON

After a couple of great weeks in Calgary (minus the snow!) I’ve been back home for the teams Eastern training camp here at home in Ottawa. Julien Cousineau, JP Roy, Stef Guay, Louis-P Helie, Tyler Nella, Kelby Halbert, and Ryan Semple are all in town training at the Athletic Conditioning Centre (ACC) for the week. The ACC looks a heck of a lot different from the last time I trained there a few years ago!

The ‘new’ ACC layout

The rest of the dome

The level of training has stepped up this week and I’m definitely feeling it in my legs! It’s been a very similar camp to the one in Calgary, just different exercises and teammates. Matt has been doing a really good job of keeping things interesting and the usual boredom involved with gym time has been avoided, which is unreal. I’ve really been getting in to the hockey lately as well. I’m playing a couple times a week and I can’t wait for hockey camp in two weeks!

On a technical note, Tyler sent me a screen shot of the new site design so far and it looks like it will be great once it’s finished.

Oh and I wrote this whole post on my iPad, which is hands down the coolest, most incredible piece of technology I have ever used!