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» Ottawa, ON

Last weeks camp was the first of a few team dryland camps over the summer. It was pretty cool to be around the older members of the team and see how they do things in and around the gym. It was a fun week because the trainers are really trying to step outside the box when it comes to training activities so we don’t get too bored of the usual squats and lifting.

I’ll be out here for another two weeks to be around the trainers and facilities. This week is more gym work, another outdoor session, and a possible 3 sessions of hockey. I’m rekindling my love of hockey and I’m trying to play as much as possible!

100_1478 2
Nick Ring teaching us how it’s done

Erik testing his skills on Louis

Robbie Dixon and Trevor White

Thinking outside the box: Outdoor session

100_1508 2
Manny and Jan rock throwing

Hammerin’ some tire

100_1513 2
Nella and Kucera. Not sure what this was called but those tubes were filled with water.

100_1516 2
Tossing a 20kg kettlebell over a tire swing

Brad Spence and I doing the tire pull/run

Louis doing the second part of the water tube exercise

*Thanks to Chad Buchholz for the pictures