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» Ottawa, ON

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.. I’ve been busy and I’ve started working with Tyler Brown (one of my first coaches and current MSM Ski Team K2 coach) on redoing my website. I like the general appearance now but updating things is a pain in the butt. So Tyler is helping me transfer everything over to an easier and better system, while also revamping the look of the site. I think it will turn out very nice!

Well my vacation is almost over and its time to start the dryland part of the season. I’ve gotten into the gym a few times in the past week and boy is it hitting me hard! The first few workouts of the year are always tough. Other than the gym I’ve rekindled my love of tennis. I got a wicked new racquet from Head and played a few times while Mari was in town, and played with the Alex and Phil Mach for a 2.5 hour monster session today. It was great and I learned a lot but my hand is simply destroyed with blisters!

At the end of last week I also had the chance to attend both the OSZ and MSM Ski Team Banquets, which were fun. Both banquets recognized the up and coming talent in the region which is always good to see! I was very flattered to be presented with a special award at the OSZ Banquet. Once again I was amazed by the support of the people in the region, and I want to thank every one of you.

As far as my schedule is concerned I leave for physical testing in Calgary on Thursday evening. I’m staying out there for 3 weeks after that to be near the ACA trainers in order to get as strong as I possibly can for the tough season ahead.

Malcolm Carmichael, a Banff based photographer, sent over a couple wicked shots the other day from National Championships in Nakiska:

D.Cook CDNs SG (4)
Super G

D.Cook CDNs DH