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» Ottawa, ON

I’ve been having a lot of fun since I last posted. Lots of time off, spending time with Mari, hanging out with friends, and attending some cool events.

The first ‘event’ I went to was the WWF CN Tower climb. I got involved as a result of another organization I’m involved with (Canadian Athletes Now), and since I was going to be in Toronto at the time I said, “Why not?” It ended up being a heck of a workout and took me 13:59 to make it up the 1776 steps to the top. My heart rate didn’t go under 200 for about 13 of those minutes!

The next day I had a meeting with Eric Sprott and the rest of the Sprott Private Wealth group. The meeting was great and I got to meet the people who are involved in my sponsorship, which was also very cool. While there I was invited to the Sprott Gold Medal Celebration event a few days later, so I changed my plans and stayed in Toronto a few more days. The event was in collaboration with CAN Fund, and I was very glad I stayed for it. I met several Olympic medal winners from Vancouver and even got to hold a Gold medal. I’ve never seen a medal as cool, or as heavy as that! I also met Jane Roos, the founder of the CAN Fund. She has such a positive outlook on sport and funding, it was neat to talk to her. Each Olympian had a chance to speak, which was probably the coolest part about the event. Hearing each speech brought me right back to Whistler during the Games and made me realize how important my goals are to me and made me want to achieve them more than ever before.

You can check out some video from the event and interviews with the Olympians and Eric here

View of part of the Sprott/CAN Fund event

Everyone was given a t-shirt they could get signed by the Olympians

After Toronto I stopped off in Ottawa for about 4 hours before moving on to Montreal to watch the parade of Olympic Athletes down Ste Catherines. The turnout for the parade was unreal (tens of thousands of people) and it was so cool to see that Olympic pride is still alive and well!

I have just over a week before I head out to Calgary for physical testing and the first dryland block of the season. I’m looking forward to working out again and getting strong for next season! Until then I’ll be at home biking, playing tennis and some light work outs in preparation for the heavy summer ahead.