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» Morin-Heights, QC

Another season bites the dust. As usual I’m a little sad there is no more skiing for a little while, but I really need some time off.

The Spring Series were a good time as usual. The weather was incredibly hot, above 20 degrees all week. Because of that, an uncountable number of bags of salt were laid down onto the track to make it runnable. I wanted to end the season with some confidence in GS, which worked well because I won both GS races. It wasn’t a cakewalk because there were a bunch of good american guys there, so it felt good. I DNFed the first slalom, but ended up 5th in the second one which I was decently pleased with. After that last race it really just felt good to finally be finished because my body had had enough!

Mari and I both ended up winning the Super Series Overall as well!


Along with Julian Sheiner winning the J1 title, and Chris Steinke in 3rd for J1s.


As for now I’m in relax-mode for a few weeks, before starting the engines back up a few weeks before going out to Calgary at the beginning of May. I’ll be laying off the blogging for a little bit while I’m relaxing as well, so no updates for a bit.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following me throughout the year. Your messages, comments, and support mean a lot to me and make the long tough days more bearable!