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» Waterville Valley, NH


After moving to Burke Mountain after training in Orford, the first of two Super Gs was held there on Sunday. The hill at Burke is pretty cool with lots of terrain, jumps and blind knolls. After several delays the race finally started at noon and I had a pretty good run and wound up third! I was happy to have another Nor-Am Super G podium (my third of the year) and still hold onto a good lead in the Super G standings. There was also a slalom run to be done that day because it was also a Super Combined race. Due to the girls also racing we had to wait until nearly 5pm to start the slalom!! I had a fairly conservative but mistake-free run in the slalom portion and moved back to fourth.. 15 hundredths away from getting a World Cup spot in SC! I wasn’t too worried about it because it’s not one of my preferred events but it was still a bummer.

The next day was the final Nor-Am Super G of the season, and I was in the lead. Everyone was gunning for me to try to overtake the lead for the title, so some nerves were definitely present! Having said that I’m a pretty laid back person and I try not to let things rattle me too much, so I put all thoughts of the standings and any sort of pressure aside and just did my thing. I had a run that I’m really pleased with, just let it all hang out and went for the win. I was sitting in third, less than 2/10ths of a second behind the leader (Jan Hudec, who had just come 17th at World Cup Finals). However the race was cancelled after 10 racers because the conditions on the bottom were not going to hold up well enough for everyone to complete the race. And so I became the Nor-Am Super G title winner for the season!

I couldn’t be happier about the accomplishment, and I’m really pleased with how I handled myself under the pressure and threw down a great run. As a result of winning the title, I have a guaranteed spot in all the World Cup Super Gs next season!

ACA Press Release on the title

Now my focus shifts to the slalom tomorrow, which will decide who is the winner of the Overall Nor-Am Cup. I’m currently sitting second, 18 points back of the leader. I did a few slalom runs this morning to get myself ready to surprise some people tomorrow!

Check back soon for video from the races..