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» Aspen, CO

After my Olympic ‘vacation’ I hopped on a plane and flew over to Denver, then drove straight up to (a little place called) Aspen. For those who don’t get the joke it’s from a great movie called Dumb and Dumber!

I’m in Aspen for a week for a Nor-Am speed series. We’ve already completed two Super G races and start DH training tomorrow, followed by three DH races. The first two races are Nor-Ams, while the third is the U.S. National Championship race. With the Nationals so close a few of the World Cup speed skiers who aren’t competing in any more events at the Olympics are here. Jan Hudec, Steven Nyman and Erik Fisher are the big names that are here at the moment.

It has been snowing for the past 3 days in Aspen so the track was extremely soft yesterday. Not the kind of snow I like but I had to figure it out regardless. I had a decent run going until I came off a cat track about half way down, got light and twisted but somehow managed to stay on my feet and make it down. I finished in 7th overall which was pretty disappointing. Today’s race went much better. The snow was a little firmer and I had an early bib, so I put the hammer down and wound up second… by two hundredths! Two silly little hunnies. I guess thats the way it goes in this sport, but I am very happy with my run and the way I skied. Like Bode says, to be proud of what you just laid down is more important than your results. After having very little training for the past month, the past two days have been really good for my confidence and it felt good to lay it all on the line and come out with a result.

Flowers for my Super G podium

Tomorrow is the start of DH training. I’m excited to ski it, it looks like a laid back and fun track.

An interesting side note on the two Super Gs…. A relatively unknown U.S. racer won the first SG by a large margin; nearly a full second. He was also sitting in 5th today before it was noticed that he was on some illegal equipment. Namely his skis and their stand-height. After a protest was filed it was determined that his skis were illegal and he was disqualified from today’s race. I have never experienced something like this and it was quite interesting to see the procedure and the lengths people go to get away with cheating..