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» Whistler, BC

Can anyone honestly say they didn’t see this coming? By ‘this’ I mean the brutal, awful, terrible, disgusting weather that is happening in Whistler right now and for the last three days. Even though I expected something like this to happen it doesn’t make it any better or easier to deal with. I really just want to ski that track again!

That being said this is still the Olympics(!) and Trav and I have been having a good time while we haven’t been able to race. Yesterday we went up to the top of Whistler and ripped off a couple of sweet powder runs, then moved a little lower and did some GS training. Conditions aren’t exactly ideal but it was good to whack some gates again.

Something I somehow forgot to mention was the amazing send off surprise I received from the kids at MSM. The day before I left I was given a wickedly cool banner by my sister and Rowan Courtenay that the kids made for me! I was pretty surprised and very touched by the gift and I can’t wait to get on that track and represent the club when the race finally gets off!

Thank you guys VERY much!!!

During the down time I’ve been getting some practice playing this very neat ski game from ORF. It’s got a bunch of tracks from Kitzbuhel, Wengen, Beaver Creek and even the Whistler track. If you’ve got some time to kill check it out here:

This has been the scene in the finish for the past three days. Pretty depressing.

More questionable signage

The most ridiculously amazing house I have ever seen!

My amazing birthday dinner at Mongolie Grill. Who needs veggies anyways?