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» Whistler, BC

I made it out to Whistler last night after a long travel day and a surprise race at St. Sauveur. I hadn’t planned on racing out there but I did and ended up winning (in slalom even), which was pretty cool.

Things in Whistler are pretty hectic as you would imagine. All the security glitches are being ironed out right now in the few days before the 2010 Olympic Games officially begin on Friday.

Travis and I, along with a few boys from the BC Ski Team had the chance to run the DH track today for ‘TV testing’. Basically we were the guinea pigs for the cameras to make sure everything is working and they have all the angles covered, etc etc. The track is in great shape and they’ve changed a few things since I last ran this track a few years ago. There are a few more jumps now, which makes it even more fun! Tomorrow is training run #1 so it’s down to business for everyone involved in the race on Saturday.

I don’t have internet in my room so I won’t be updating my blog as often as normal, but I will be updating my Twitter several times a day with pictures, videos, or whatever else is going on. If you want more updates check out

That being said I will be getting up another blog post with a photo run-through of the course, which I’m planning on getting up tomorrow.


The Olympic Start House

Trav decked out in our forerunner gear

The stands in the finish of the DH

The back of the stands