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My headgear sponsor, Eric Sprott of Sprott Private Wealth, has made an incredible donation and pledge for Canadian athletes. Yesterday Sprott held a press conference in conjunction with the Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund), and pledged to donate $100,000 to CAN Fund for every gold medal won by Canadian athletes at the Vancouver Games. Yes you read that correctly, one hundred thousand dollars!! In addition to this pledge, Sprott donated $215,000 to help 35 athletes on the CAN Fund waiting list.

“With our Canadian athletes competing for gold against the best in the world, we wanted to celebrate their success in achieving their goals by supporting the CAN Fund, which provides direct funding to Canadian athletes,” Sprott said in a news release Thursday.
You can read the CTV Olympics article on Sprott here.

I am extremely proud to have the Sprott emblem displayed on all of my headgear and I’m simply amazed by the generosity of his pledge. For more information on Eric, CAN Fund, and to donate check out: