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» Ottawa, ON

First of all thank you to everyone who has sent my parents or myself an email with all the kind words, it means a lot!

Trav and I, first and third!

A ton of things have happened since I last blogged (and last had internet access). First were the disastrous Lake Louise Nor-Ams.. I won’t go into too much detail but the three of us (Travis Dawson, Tyler Nella and myself) who make up the Canadian contingent at the Nor-Ams had some great sections but couldn’t put together a complete run. Trav did finish fourth in the Super-G which was great and sparked us all a little bit coming into Panorama.

Panorama was a different story as I won the first run of the first GS there. That GS run was one of the best I’ve had all year and felt great to lay one down in a race finally. A few mistakes in the second run cost me a few tenths and pushed me back to third overall. I was pretty disappointed not to have won, but getting the first podium of the year did feel good. The next day I was having another ripper first run before I fell about a quarter of the way down. I managed to finish though and was sitting in 16th spot even with the fall. The game plan for second run was go all or nothing and win the run because there was nothing to lose from that spot. I didn’t win the run but second was good enough to move me from 16th down to 8th.

The next two days were slaloms which were mostly forgettable. As I’ve mentioned I haven’t done nearly enough slalom this year to be competitive and my confidence just isn’t there. Especially on a hill as steep as the Haymaker race run at Pano! I ended up 12th and 14th in the two race, picking up some Nor-Am points which was the goal. Trav finished 4th the first day however, which was great. Although he wasn’t pleased with another 4th, or being the bridesmaid as we call it.

The final day was the Super-G/Super Combined. Having trained a bunch at Pano since making the Devo team three years ago, we all know the track pretty well. Having not had the week I was hoping for, I knew I could make up for it tomorrow and quite literally convinced myself that anything other than a win in the Super-G just wasn’t good enough. So the next morning I did my usual warmup stuff, inspection, got into the gate and simply charged. I went full out from the first push and had a heck of a ride down the course! When I got to the bottom and saw that I was winning I was ecstatic! Finally a Nor-Am win, and best of of Trav was on the podium with me in third place! Being a dual race day we still had the slalom to do and if there was ever a time to throw down a quick slalom run that was it! The guys behind me were all great slalom skiers so I had to go for it. The shorter, flatter slalom for the SC suited me better and I managed not to lose too much time and hang on for second in the SC! 180 Nor-Am points, not bad for a day’s work.

I’ve been home for a few hours now and I’m going to Tremblant soon for the Super Series races there. After that it’s time to RELAX and ski up at Mont Ste Marie for the rest of the holidays.

Anyways sorry for the huge post but I’m a little excited!.. Merry Christmas everyone!