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» Lake Louise, AB

Lake Louise. The site of the first World Cup speed races of the year, and the first Nor-Am speed races as well. A lot of the European guys who race this track consider it a warm-up and it is widely considered to be the easiest race on the (World Cup) circuit. Then again those same guys who say that don’t usually win here so it can’t be that easy can it?! I kid, it is a fairly easy track but there are a few key sections that you have to nail to be fast:

After the initial pitch and a few technical, rolly turns (no photos sorry) you come into the Tickedy Jump..

The jump into the Tickedy Chute is key to having the right line and direction leading into the Wiwaxy flats..

The Wiwaxy flats may not look intimidating but you carry a ton of speed (115 km/h +) into them and they are usually set fairly turny so you need to ski them cleanly in order to carry your speed..

The Wiwaxy Flats lead you into a sweeping triple called Coaches Turn. Not an overly technical turn but you want to have the right line and not climb up to high on the last gate to have the proper direction coming into the final gate of the triple..

The last gate of the triple is the Coaches Jump. Looks a lot more intimidating than it is, but you do get a good flight. This leads you to the fishnet turn which you need to nail to have the right line coming into the fallaway turn on the gunbarrel pitch.

The Fallaway turn is where the hill literally falls away into C-Turn and the Gunbarrel pitch. Gunbarrel is the longest pitch on the course and sends you hauling in to the final flats (which you can see a part of in the photo).

I’ve skied well in the two training runs but made major mistakes at the end of Fishnet and into Fallaway which I will fix up for tomorrow! I’m starting bib 7 which is a good number to start, but the track is in such great shape it doesn’t make too much difference what you start.

Wish me luck!