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» Calgary, AB

Loveland Slalom #1

The first Nor-Am races of the year are over and they were tough! Everyday the field was stacked with guys who are ranked in the top 30 on the World Cup circuit. On top of that the snow at both Loveland and Aspen was water injected and the injection had been taken a little too far. This means that the hills were sheer ice from top to bottom.

The first slalom went fairly well. I haven’t skiied very much slalom this year so the goal was really just to go for it and grab some Nor-Am points. I made it down in 16th with two solid runs. The second day I slipped out at the top of the pitch, skied a hairpin backwards, then nearly highsided in the middle of the pitch and went out.

The first GS day at Aspen was completely forgettable. I made it about 6 gates into the pitch then loaded the ski and got completely shot out of the course. The second day I had a decent first run and was sitting in 16th. I was having a wicked second run until I made a technical mistake halfway down which cost me a ton of time before finally recovering near the bottoma and finishing 17th.

Although it really wasn’t the start to the season I was looking for, I managed to get two decent results in and with the crazy injection and tough field I can live with how things ended up.

Video from the first Loveland slalom race: