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» Kananaskis, AB

If you haven’t read the Alpine Race Consulting (ACR) blog written by Bob Needell yet, you’re missing out on some awesome insider information about World Cup races. I won’t tell you too much about it because there is a lot I could say, but he recently got picked up by to do a column for them! Definitely worth checking out!

Check out the ACR blog here, and the SkiRacing column here.


And if you’re artisticly inclined, check out NBC’s ‘Design Lindsey’s Helmet’ contest:

“Lindsey invites you to enter for a chance to contribute your original artwork for the customized helmet she will wear on the slopes in Vancouver. Whether you are an aspiring professional graphic designer or just like to doodle all day, this is your chance to inspire her, amaze her, and convince her that your design will be the one she wants for her Olympic helmet.”

The contest opens on November 23rd and there are some great prizes to be won.

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