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Back in the Gate

Back in the Gate

A year and a half since my last race, I was back in the gate this morning in Solden! It’s been an interesting process to get to this point, this is how it breaks down: Unfortunately I haven’t done much GS training this summer. With the complete lack of snow in...

Chile 2016

Chile 2016

Four weeks in Chile is a long time! But when the training is amazing it's definitely worth it. I flew back to Salt Lake City yesterday after two weeks in Portillo followed up with a couple weeks in La Parva. Although it's been an unusual winter down South, there was...



A short 10 day break and we're back at it already! Portillo is an incredible place to visit and train, and is definitely one of the highlights of the year for many of us. Magnificent views, delicious food, and incredible speed training to boot! The speed track here is...



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dustin cook

Full time drone photographer. Part-time world cup winning ski racer.

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